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WinIndia Craft - Horn & Bone Products Supplier

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Win India Craft is the renowned supplier and exporter of Buffalo Bone, Camel Bone, Buffalo Horn and other related products. We export our esteemed products in countries like U.S.A, U.K and Australia.

We have a well developed and huge manufacturing infrastructural unit, consisting state of the art machinery with in-house production facility and a trained task force.

We can offer high product confidentiality, greater product satisfaction & on time delivery schedule. Visit Win India Craft for products made from Buffalo Horn, Camel Bone, Bone Jewelry and more.

Due to our vast experience & skilled workforce, we can increase our existing manufacturing capability regularly, to meet the bulk quantity requirements, to provide large quantity of supply.

We are the largest suppliers of Indian sambar stag and we carry merchandise for Buffalo Horn Knife Handle, custom knife makers, cutlery makers, pen makers, luthiers, gunsmith, jewelers, cue makers, optical frames, knife making supplies, instrument repairs, carvers, engravers, scrimshaw, knife manufacturers, furniture inlay, gift shops, home decor, renaissance, antiques restoration, collectors etc. We offer customized work on 'knife handle blanks' and 'knife blanks'. We have our own unit in India from where we supply our goods.

The art of horn and bone carving in India is as ancient as our civilization. Products from bone and horn have served many utilitarian and ornamental purposes from time immemorial. We identify artisans from all over India and honor their skills and hope that your valued order helps keeps this dying art, alive.

The bone and horn for these products are derived from animals which are brought to abattoir for human consumption. All our bone and horn products are bio-degradable and eco-friendly.

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